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June 2018

From our Pastor

Who is your favorite biblical character? I know. It’s hard to pick just one. The Bible is full of fascinating people and stories. I like to say that the gossip magazines at the grocery store have nothing on the Bible. If you want to read about people making either bad or heroic decisions, being wise or unwise, standing strong or following the crowd, then look no further than the Bible on your shelf. It is full of imperfect people chosen by God to do extraordinary things.

David was an ideal king and one of the most remarkable personalities in the Bible, a person with outstanding ability but very human failings. He could charm and manipulate people and was the head of a dysfunctional family that he made little effort to control. Moses was a founder of a nation, an organizer, law-maker, and defender of the people. But Moses never wanted to do be any of these things. When God called him to lead, he didn’t want the job. Paul was a doer, and an organizer, traveling from city to city, talking to whoever would listen. The problem was that the people Paul talked to were not always hospitable and he often ended up in trouble—serious trouble. But Paul never allowed himself to be dispirited by the setbacks. Instead, he kept moving forward sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Rahab was a non-Israelite, lowly woman who lived on the outskirts of city walls. But it was Rahab who saved two male Israelite spies from being caught by the enemy. She made a choice to follow God, whom she didn’t know, and God answered her need, saving her and her family.

The Bible is full of people just like David, Moses, Paul, and Rahab. Fascinating people with extraordinary stories. God is always at work changing people’s lives. And God does that for the most unlikely ofpeople—including you and me. Think about what God has already done in your life and where you would be if you didn’t know God’s love and forgiveness. God’s grace is bigger than our biggest mistakes, foolish choices, and sinful actions. If God only loved people who were perfect, thenGod wouldn’t have anybody in this world to love. Remember that YOU are God’s chosen and that God can call YOU to do extraordinary things in Gods name. Be open to the presence of God in your life and go willingly wherever God leads you.

Pastor Brown <><


‘I can do all things through Christ who strengths me’ Philippians 4:13