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Make time for resting – November Newsletter

Holy Cow!! (Don’t worry, there’s not another survey coming your way.) It’s been a busy Fall here at Hope. The surveys have come in (thank you!) and the pledge cards are coming in (there’s still time). Not to mention the fall sports and school commitments. Do you have your Halloween costume yet? Have you made your Thanksgiving plans? It’s hard to take time out to rest when there is so much going on. But resting is important, especially as we move into flu season, and God actually commands us to rest and to let others rest.

Time for Resting

When we think of resting, I imagine most of us think about the seventh day of creation on which God rested. (Genesis 2:1-4) And the fourth commandment “Honor the Sabbath” – which, interestingly enough, is the commandment God spends the most time on (it’s the longest) and is the bridge between the commandments about our relationship with God (1-3) and our relationships with others (5-10). When we take time to rest, we honor God who frees us from the hecticness of our overwhelming lives to be still and know God. We counter the cultural tendencies toward anxiety and over-production. We acknowledge that we are created in the image of God who rested trusting that creation would carry on. And finally, we acknowledge the equality of all people. Sabbath is the great equalizer because all people are to rest “as well as you.”

Before you put one more thing on your calendar, take a breath and ask yourself, is this something that will offer me an opportunity to rest, to be refreshed, or is it something that will cause me more anxiety? Allow yourself to be invited to rest by God who loves you without you needing to do one more thing. Make time in your schedule for God to restore you – time for worship, Christian community, prayer, listening to music, going for a walk, resting in God’s presence.

Blessings on your Sabbath rest, Pastor Amy

Verse of the Month:

Observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy, as the Lord your God commanded you. Six days you shall labor and do all your work. But the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work—you, or your son or your daughter, or your male or female slave, or your ox or your donkey, or any of your livestock, or the resident alien in your towns, so that your male and female slave may rest as well as you. (Deuteronomy 5:12-14)

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