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Waiting for Christmas – December Newsletter

Waiting for Christmas

Eagerly I wait! That’s what I love about this time of year. The anticipation that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will soon be here. What I especially enjoy is the time leading up to the BIG DAY. As a parish pastor, there is a lot that goes into preparing for the celebration of the Christ child. Planning. Meetings. Visits. Rehearsals. Gatherings. Praying. Writing. The list sometimes feels endless. But I truly enjoy it—especially when the family of Hope Church comes together, as the body of Christ, to be in community with one another to celebrate Emmanuel—God with us—on that holiest of nights.

Eagerly I wait! That is what the Season of Advent is all about. It’s about waiting! Somehow, we need to recapture that eager expectation if we’re truly going to appreciate what this time of year represents to God’s people.

Amazing promises were poured out to the people of God throughout the Old Testament: a new king, a new sacrifice, a new spirit, a new heart, a new creation, and many more. For years, God’s people had fed on a steady diet of God’s promises, knowing that God had not abandoned them, but fearing that God had done just that. Living on this side of Christmas, it’s easy to forget all the years of waiting and uncertainty sustained only by faith in the One who promised. Which is why Advent is so important today.

Advent is a reminder that the waiting was not in vain. God kept the promises. God always does. Advent reminds us of God’s faithfulness to God’s waiting people.

I invite us all to take some time this season to remember what Christmas truly meant to a people who eagerly waited. By remembering their past, let’s remind ourselves, as God’s people today to be faithful ‘waiters’ in the present. Allow yourself time to pray, reflect, and long for the One who is still coming. Finally, let Advent lead you toward the future. Like before, God will be faithful. God has promised. The Messiah is coming again. And when he comes, all of God’s promise will be fulfilled.
So, let’s be prepared. Eagerly I wait! Hopefully, you do too!

Pastor Brown <><

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